Yagam Hongyeomcheon Tourist Hotel (약암홍염천관광호텔)

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Yagam Hongyeomcheon Tourist Hotel in Gimpo offers 71 guest rooms and a variety of amenities, including the Mammoth Tub, able to accommodate over 1,000 guests at once. Being near the city, many tourists from Seoul and Incheon come to relax during the weekends. The Hongyeomocheon waters are famous for healing the eye disease of Joseon dynasty King Cheol-Jong. The water come from 460 meters underground. It is clear, clean, and contains great iron minerals and the salt content is one tenth of the ocean water. The water color turns red after about ten minutes of exposure to the air.




www.yakam.co.kr (Korean only)

Address [Map]

965-7, Yagam-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do