Chuncheon National Museum (국립춘천박물관)

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Opened in 2002, Chuncheon National Museum was established to identify and promote the original form and characteristics of the regional culture of Gangwon-do. It consists of the Permanent Exhibition Hall, Brand Hall, Special Exhibition Hall, and Outdoor Exhibition space. The museum displays the artifacts based on Gangwon-do’s history and culture, ranging from prehistoric times to modern times, and holds a special exhibition with diverse themes. The main building of the museum, built in harmony with nature, was selected as the “Best Architecture of the Year” by the Korean Institute of Architects in 2003. In particular, the main building is known for the center hall equipped with a circular glass ceiling. The Museum Cafe is situated at this center hall where visitors take a rest while enjoying the sunlight through the ceiling. The Immersive Digital Cafe has been in service on the 2nd floor of the center hall since the end of 2020. It shows a beautiful and vivid video of the Eight Sights of Gwandong, Five Hundred Arhats at Changnyeongsa Temple Site, and other sites on its 28 m-wide screen. Its Children’s Museum was also newly opened in 2021 under the theme “Children & Nature.”




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1. Experience space Culture Playground, 2. Themed Play Room

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70, Useok-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do