Yanggu Porcelain Museum (양구백자박물관)

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Yanggu Porcelain Museum (formerly Bangsan Porcelain Museum) exhibits white porcelain from the Bangsan area, along with its collection and tools. There are also various media clips that help understand the history of porcelain in the Bangsan area. The experience room is equipped with electric kilns, gas kilns, and firewood kilns, and is a facility for both outdoor and indoor experiences. Here, visitors can experience the entire process of making clay, molding, and baking it in a kiln. Bangsan-myeon, Yanggu was already well-known for pottery production since the Goryeo dynasty. During the Joseon dynasty, raw materials were supplied to the Gwangju branch in Gyeonggi-do, and here the technology and aesthetics spread to Gwangju.





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5182, Pyeonghwa-ro, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do