Chuncheon Puppet Theater & Museum (춘천인형극장&인형극박물관)

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Located along the shores of Uiamho Lake, Chuncheon Puppet Theater was the first puppet theater to open in Korea, along with the Chuncheon Puppet Museum, showcasing various materials related to puppets. Following the success of the Chuncheon International Puppet Festival first held in 1989, the theater and museum opened in 2001 and 2003 respectively. The theater continues to serve as the venue for the annual Chuncheon International Puppet Festival, as well as performances year-round. The museum features traditional puppets from around the world, as well as puppet-making programs. Near the theater and museum are an observatory cafe, outdoor playground, lakeside promenade, and Gangwon Provincial Botanic Garden




Detailed Information

Industry Information
Puppet theater festival, performances, exhibitions, education, publication, etc.

Collections Status
Approx. 200 puppets and props from around the world

Programs Available for Foreigners
Puppet-making program

Reservation for Foreigners
Phone reservation accepted

Foreign Language Intepretation Services
Not available

Address [Map]

3017, Yeongseo-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do