B-hind (비하인드)

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Cafe B-hind typifies a quiet, secluded place located behind the main roads, away from the heart of the city. The cafe aims to provide a space where people can take a break and enjoy conversation. Additionally, the "B-" in the name represents analog, which inspired most of the cafe's design concept. The cafe is decorated with a glass window, large chalkboard wall, a cozy exterior that fits the elegant interior.

"This Month's Sandwich" is also selected every month, providing great tasting sandwiches that add to the overall experience. Wine novices may also indulge themselves in a sweet glass of wine without the worry of being detected as an inexperienced wine drinker. Furthermore, B-hind is located on the streets of Hongik University, where people can enjoy the culture, shopping at the free market, or watching one of many street performances.



Detailed Information

Located outside the cafe / Unisex restroom

Address [Map]

18, Eoulmadang-ro 5-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul