Geumnyeonsan Youth Training Institute (부산광역시 금련산청소년수련원)

We provide various information such as the website, contact information, usage information, and location (map) of Busan Suyeong-gu, Geumnyeonsan Youth Training Institute (부산광역시 금련산청소년수련원) using public data of Korea Tourism Organization.

Located on Geumnyeonsan Mountain in the heart of Busan, Geumnyeonsan Youth Training Institute is a youth center managed directly by Busan Metropolitan City. Surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape, the institute also functions as a place to relax for the general public. Its main facilities include a youth campground, dormitories, an astronomical observatory, auditorium, and fitness center. There is also a promenade and a wisteria-lined path, so the institute is a place of both learning and relaxation.




Detailed Information

Program Activities
Cultural programs, astrology programs, nature programs, etc. * Refer to more information on the official website.

Main Facilities
[Accommodation facilities] Dormitory, Log Cabin
[Training facilities] Physical training facilities, Busan Citizen’s Observatory, Haeoreum artificial rock climbing wall course, pottery work shop
[Meeting facilities] Auditorium, small meeting room, outdoor stage
[Convenience facilities] Observatory, plaza, walking trails, parking lot

Address [Map]

156, Hwangnyeongsan-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan