Incheon Asiad Main Stadium (인천아시아드주경기장)

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Incheon Asiad Main Stadium is the main stadium for the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon. Construction began in June 2011 and the stadium opened on June 1, 2014. Built on a 631,975㎡ lot, the five-story stadium has a total floor area of 113,620㎡ and 61,818 spectator seats (capacity to be reduced by 32,514 seats after the 2014 Asian Games).

The stadium has an oval running track enclosing a regulation-size soccer field. Outside, there's a tennis court, a subsidiary stadium, and the 1,415.13㎡ Yeonhui Cricket Ground.



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Detailed Information

Main Facilities
Main stadium, subsidiary stadium, cricket field

Subsidiary Facilities
Main Stadium – visitor facilities, manager’s room, athletes room, management room, gift shop, etc.
Subsidiary Stadium - Shower room, office
Cricket Field- Associate executive room, technical committee room, office for game protocols, information desk, etc.

Address [Map]

806, Bongsu-daero, Seo-gu, Incheon