Gwangju Daein Market & Daein Art Market (광주 대인시장 (대인예술시장))

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Daein Market in Gwangju is a wonderful example of the changes traditional markets have gone through to remain relevant in the modern world. Originally the community center for all living needs, including produce and household goods, the market lost much interest in the mid-1990s with the influx of large marts. From that point on, many shops began to close down as there was no business.

However, the market saw a revival in 2008 during the Gwangju Biennale. Many of the available shop spaces were rented out to host small art exhibitions, creating a unique art market. Thanks to this effort, Daein Market was designated as a Cultural Attraction in 2013. The market continues to have a strong connection with the art that saved it, and the vendors and artists live and work together in harmony. The market also draws in a lot of interest from the community through their weekly night market, taking place every Saturday.




Address [Map]

9-10 Jebong-ro 184beon-gil, Dong-gu, Gwangju