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Gureumsan Forest Park (Gureumsan Urban Forest Park) (구름산 산림욕장 (구름산 도시자연공원) )

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Gyeongju World (경주월드 어뮤즈먼트)

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Gyeongju World Amusement operates all year round, with California Beach, a water park in summer, and a large-s

Gyeongju Hanbokpan (경주한복판)

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Seoraksan Cable Car (설악산 케이블카)

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The ideal way to comfortably appreciate the magnificent landscape of Seoraksan Mountain is using the Seorak Ca

Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)

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Its deep valleys and unique mountain formations are what make Jirisan Mountain truly spectacular. It consists

Seohaerang Jebu Marine Cable Car (서해랑 제부도 해상케이블카)

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Pyeongtaekho Art Park (평택호예술공원)

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Hyeopjae Beach (협재해수욕장)

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Hyeopjae Beach is located about 32 kilometers west of downtown Jeju and is near Hallim Park. The white sandy b

Seoraksan National Park (Southern Section) (설악산국립공원 (남설악))

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Seoraksan Mountain, the highest amid the Taebaek Mountain Range, boasts beautiful landscape and scenery all ye

Sanghwawon (상화원)

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