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Provides Festival information of Korea using public data of Korea Tourism Organization.

Yeongdong Nangye Korean Traditional Music Festival (영동난계국악축제)

Chungcheongbuk-do Date 2023-10-17 View 17233

Yeongdong, the hometown of Joseon dynasty’s gugak (traditional music) virtuoso Park Yeon, is regarded as the c

Seoul Silver Grass Festival (서울억새축제)

Seoul Date 2023-10-13 View 32222

The World Cup Park was established on Nanjido, whose name means the island of "abundant orchids and gromwells.

Hanhwa Seoul International Fireworks Festival (한화와 함께하는 서울세계불꽃축제)

Seoul Date 2023-09-25 View 194713

Let's Jongno Festival (종로축제 렛츠종로)

Seoul Date 2023-09-19 View 0

Culture City of East Asia Jeonju (동아시아문화도시 전주)

Jeollabuk-do Date 2023-09-18 View 0

Cheongsong Apple Festival (청송사과축제)

Gyeongsangbuk-do Date 2023-09-18 View 25681

Cheongsong Apple Festival is held in fall every year to promote the excellent quality of apples grown in the a

Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo (경남고성공룡세계엑스포)

Gyeongsangnam-do Date 2023-09-18 View 21931

Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo takes place in the area of Danghangpo Tourist Resort, where visitors can

Busan International Magic Festival (부산국제매직페스티벌)

Busan Date 2023-09-18 View 17959

Busan International Magic Festival is the largest magic festival in the world. Several events are prepared to

Korea-Japan Festival in Seoul (한일축제한마당 in Seoul)

Seoul, Date 2023-09-18 View 12031

The Korea-Japan Festival, started in 2005, celebrates and promotes cultural exchange between Korea and Japan.

Yeoju Ogok Naru Festival (여주오곡나루축제)

Gyeonggi-do Date 2023-09-18 View 28774

Yeoju Ogok Naru Festival is a great place for visitors to see Yeoju's local agricultural products, such as ric