Jeongseon 5-day Market / Jeongseon Arirang Market (정선5일장 / 정선 아리랑시장 (2, 7일))

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Jeongseon Arirang Market was a leader in agricultural markets across the country, drawing in close to 130,000 visitors per year in the early 1980s. However, with the rapid industrialization and migration of youth to the cities, the number of farmers has declined in recent years. Despite this decrease in workers, the stalls here still manage to sell all kinds of vegetables from Korean chili peppers to bellflower root to potatoes, garlic and more. Most of the produce for sale was harvested directly by the seller, providing fresh ingredients at low prices. Jeongseon Arirang Market is famous for medicinal herbs, with many tourists coming a long way to purchase these products. While many stalls are open throughout the week, the market becomes full and robust on official market days, taking place on all days ending in a 2 or 7. A variety of related travel packages such as a special tourist train and travel buses also operate in connection with the market.



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36, Oiljang-gil, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do