Festival tourism information

Provides Festival information of Korea using public data of Korea Tourism Organization.

National Assembly Sharing Festival (국회동심한마당)

Seoul Date 2024-04-11 View 28650

Eumseong Pumba Festival (음성품바축제)

Chungcheongbuk-do Date 2024-04-11 View 14245

Pumba was the word repeated in the songs of street singers, especially when Korea was once impoverished. They

Yongmunsan Wild Plants Festival (양평 용문산 산나물축제)

Gyeonggi-do Date 2024-04-11 View 9586

Jirisan Namwon Baraebong Snowflake Festival (지리산남원 바래봉 눈꽃축제)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-07 View 25548

Jirisan Namwon Baraebong Snowflake Festival is held in Herb Valley and the nearby Baraebong Peak area in Namwo

Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival (전주 한지문화축제)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-07 View 16843

Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival was organized to promote the excellent qualities of hanji (traditional mulberry

Walk with a King (전주 한옥마을 경기전 왕과의 산책)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-07 View 8857

Walk with a King is a special event held every Saturday evening from late spring to autumn. Limited to 100 peo

Jeonju Bibimbap Festival World Bibim Week ( 전주비빔밥축제 월드비빔위크)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-07 View 40210

Bibimbap was one of the top three foods during the Joseon period and it is thought to be the most favorite Kor

Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour (전주문화재야행)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-07 View 11471

Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour focuses on preserving and remembering Korea’s heritages and the ancestors’

Iksan Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival (익산천만송이국화축제)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-06 View 28195

The annual Iksan Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival is held every year from late October to early November. Th

Jangsu Hanurang Sagwarang Festival (장수 한우랑사과랑축제)

Jeonbuk-do Date 2024-04-06 View 31934

Jangsu embraces the spirit of Uiam Joo (“Red”) Nongae’s spirit, who gave her life to kill the Japanese General